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Silkroad Babel | 90 Cap [CH] | Drop System | Long-Term | Activity Based

Respect, love, greetings to all. BabelRoad is an [Open Market]-[Long Term]-[Old School] project where your hard work will be rewarded and you will enjoy playing.
Players who like the [Old School] system will like the system here. We would like to see you among us.
We performed our transactions through an error-free database, you can play smoothly and uninterruptedly.
You have the possibility to change it automatically [Instantly] thanks to many functional special procedures.

-Special sauce dripping system is arranged. Only [Seal Of Sun] 1~8 Dg items drop from 1~80 level mobs.
-You can get 9 Dg sos drop system [Star & Moon & Sun] as drops from 80+ mobs.Rates [Star=Easy | Moon=Medium | Sun=Hard]
-By participating in the [Forgotten World] event in-game, you can obtain 9 degrees of [Seal Of Sun] weapons.
-By participating in the in-game [Holy Water Temple] event, you can get 9Dg [Seal Of Sun] armor and accessories from uniques as drops.
-The use of [ADV+2] is active in the game, to get [ADV+2] you have to collect [Coin] from Job Cave & ROC uniques, you can get many items from NPC with these coins.
-A special [Rank] system is active in the game, the system automatically determines [Tag and Icon] for the first 7 players in [Unique&Job&Honor&Silk] ranks and you can activate it live through the [Guard]
-[Rank] system is reset weekly and [Silk] is given to top ranked players as a reward.
-Fortress War Only [Hotan] and castle owner master sets [Castle Tax]
-You can get [Honor Points] from all uniques.

-We have given the [Sos] balance a quality treatment, adjusted OP items that would cause unbalanced gameplay.[Applies to 9Dg]
-[Seal Of Star] items to be [LAST TIER+1] with fixed reinforcement.
-[Seal Of Moon] items to be [LAST TIER+2] with a little bit increased reinforces.
-[Seal Of Sun] items to be [LAST TIER+3] with a little bit increased reinforces.

-Trader buying[2m] Thief Earning[2m] in caravan trade.
-Daily caravan withdrawal [Limit 5 times].
-Special caravan has been removed from the game.
-Hotan >< Dowhang 4m
-Jangan >< Donwhang 6m
-Jangan >< Hotan 10m
-There is a special job caravan system, when you gain 10m from the caravan automatically [+2 Honor Points].
-You get [+1 Honor Points] as you kill the opposing opponent in Job [Limit to get Job Honor Points per day is 25 Points].

-Entry is 90Lv and [Premium PLUS] is required.
-It spawns as Selketh-Neith-Anubis-Isis-Heroeris-Seth[STR&INT].
-Job Cave Unique [Respawn time 6 Hours] | +3 Honor Points | Drop = Item Box - Copper&Silver Coin - Vigor Grain - Immortal 9Dg

-Entry is 81Lv and [Premium PLUS] is required.
-To obtain 9 Dg [Seal Of Sun] weapons, you need to login to [FGW 81-90] and complete the collection set by killing the uniques inside.
-You can have 9 Dg [Seal Of Sun] weapons when you complete this collection set with particles falling from the Unique [Flame Mountain - The Burning Abyss].
-FGW 81-90 Login limit [4 Per a day] | +3 Honor Points | Drop = Item Box - Talisman set parts

-Entry is 90Lv and [Premium PLUS] is required.
-You can get 9 Dg [Seal Of Sun] Armor & Accessories [Holy Water Temple] as drops from Uniques.
-HWT Login limit [2 Per a day] | +3 Honor Points | Drop = Item Box - 9Dg [Seal Of Sun] Armor & Accessory - ADV +2[NotSox]

-Entry is 90Lv and [Premium PLUS] is required.
-The original Roc Mountain spawns in its own private area, it will be activated automatically when you enter [PVP Mod].
-There are 2 different [Rank] systems in the Roc Spawn region, [Player Killer] - [Roc] This rank is given as a reward [100 Silk].
-Roc Resurrection time [1 Per a day] | +10 Honor Points | Drop = Item Box - Copper&Silver Coin - Vigor Grain - Immortal 9Dg

-Entry is 90Lv
-You can participate at certain times of the day, it gives Silk as a reward.

-Entry is 20Lv
-Winning team gets [5 Arena Coins] losing team gets [2 Arena Coins].

-Entry is 20Lv
-Winning team gets [Arena Coin] Reward.
-You can get high SP from mobs in CTF.

-To get a Magic Pop Card, you can use [Item Box] at the same time as [Daily Reward] or get Silk via [F10].
-The rewards you can win with the Magic Pop Card [GDF - Devil Sprit - God Bless] are also given below if you fail to win.

-Lucky Party Number reward [50 Silk]
-Search And Destory Unique [50 Silk]
-Dailiy Reward [Silk Item]